Manfred Stöcklin
Initiator of the web-site

Neptun, die ideal companion for walking


 Welcome to our

SWISS PANORAMA Tourism information portal

This «portal», which will be completed in the spring of 2016,

Was initiated by the initiator through long - term and voluntary work and

 without the Lowest financial requirements.

     The basic idea was to do something for Swiss touristTo present to the visitors of

our portal the beauty of Switzerland,
So that they do not lose time during SURFING and PLANNING

     To realize this huge project, it took much courage and will.The initiator would therefore like to thank all those people in the various tourism companies and, of course, friends and acquaintances for their occasional help.

Thank you very much to my life companion,That I spent many years on my computer.The fact is that without the presence of our dog "Neptune"The courage required for this mamut work would not have applied.Satisfaction and disappointment have been constantly changing over the years.

We wish you a pleasant holiday in Switzerland