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"SANUS PER AQUAM" - Health-giving waters in BAD RAGAZ spavillage. ch
The health resort Bad Ragaz appears under the label "BAD RAGAZ" and will thus clearly define its position within the holiday region Heidiland. Water is the central theme. The word SPA has been popularly interpreted to mean "sanus per aquam i.e.' water makes healthy.' This is certainly true but in Bad Ragaz one is convinced that sport, medicine, nature, culture and art are also essential contributions to human well-being.
From time immemorial Bad Ragaz and its thermal springs have been inseparably associated with each other. They belong together like water and ocean.

From the start Bad Ragaz has devoted itself exclusively to spa-tourism. The appearance under BAD RAGAZ is actually nothing new, but it serves as an emphatic reminder of an old rich tradition. This is all the more appropriate as, with the Grand Hotels Bad Ragaz, the leading health, spa and golf resort in Switzerland is precisely here

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