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The name Bivio means "parting of the ways" and is inseparably bound up with two ancient Roman passes, the Septimer and the Julier. The highest village in Surses with just 230 souls to its name, Bivio has what must be the most extraordinary linguistic make-up in all of Europe, or so one scholar of note has concluded.

Winter pearls
A winter's tale with a difference. Where happy children make for contented parents. Where sun-worshippers come into their own. Where everyone can ski or not ski as they wish. In deep snow or on trekking trails. On perfectly prepared pistes or icy loipes. Or skate. Or board. Or get back into shape with the help and encouragement of a ski instructor. Where you can be active to your heart’s content. For a carefree and unforgettable time.

Summer pearls
Take your family by the hand. Experience the special fragrance of summer in the mountains and all the myriad colours of Alpine flora. Go hunting through slumbering forests. Admire all the lush, sundrenched meadows and the jagged, snow-capped peaks reflected in crystal-clear mountain lakes. Go hiking, fishing or riding. Be amazed, be refreshed. Cast your cares aside and do whatever you like. Let the bracing Alpine climate reinvigorate you. Let the people who live here and their age-old customs inspire you. Feel the joy of your everyday worries disappearing into the distance and your loved ones drawing closer every day.
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