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Valais | Sierre-Anniviers

Holiday resorts and holiday regions in Switzerland

Sierre-Anniviers offers its guests experiences which are as intense as they are diverse, in winter as well as in summer, both in the valleys and up in the mountains. Mediterranean-feel Sierre is a stone’s throw from Chandolin, one of the highest villages in Europe. Just some of the highlights of this region in the heart of Valais are the ‘imperial crown’- five 4000m+ mountains (among them the 4505 m Weisshorn), picturesque, typical old villages, the St. Luc Astronomical Observatory perched high in the mountains, close to the stars, the astonishing Zinal Glacier grotto, Finges Natural Park where the wild Rhone flows…Sierre-Anniviers is a holiday region, with family friendly resorts, ski areas, marked walking paths and a whole range of nature and leisure activities. This region, which is famous for its natural beauty, is also well known for its friendly atmosphere and its wine.