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Vercorin is a village that has preserved its originality with old chalets and barns that exude local legends and customs. The vegetation is very varied and offers mountains, ‘bisses’ (irrigation canals), mountain pastures and forests. The climate is mild and you will delight in the wild beauty of the countryside and the famous nature reserve - ‘Vallon de Réchy’. Vercorin is a family-friendly resort and offers a variety of sports. In fact, it is just "le charme en plus" !

In winter Vercorin offers 35 km of alpine ski trails and some touring ski trails, a snow park with jumps, bars and other installations, a cable car to carry you up to a height of over 2300m, and some easy ski lifts. The 360° view from the restaurants stretches from the plain of the Rhone to the Alps. There is nothing better than a happy family holiday, with your feet in the snow and face in the sun!
In summer, we offer an extensive network of hiking paths (300 km) as well as a number of mountain bike tracks (170 km). You will discover the ‘Vallon de Réchy’, a nature reserve and protected area which is full of rare plants and animals, and where visitors are welcome. You can explore the many old irrigation canals of the area, particularly the newly renovated ‘bisse des Sarrasins’. Vercorin’s mountain guides take you on conducted tours and tell you a lot about the area. Perhaps you will paraglide over Vercorin, climb trees in complete safety in the forest of adventure or face the laws of gravity in the 3 bisses’ circular tour.

In both summer and winter, Vercorin offers a large number of events, demonstrations and exhibitions, suitable for children as well as adults. Here are the main ones: American ski touring race through the streets of the village, mid-January: night ascent to the Crêt du Midi with 1000m difference of altitude, beginning of March: Health-Nature Day to promote homeopathic medicines and respect for the environment, mid-July: Vercojazz, a weekend of Jazz, end of July: a market of items by creative craftsmen, mid-August.

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