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In the high valley of the river «Sihl», overlooked by the mighty “Ybrig” mountain, lies Einsiedeln, the famous destination of pilgrims from the whole world. The story of this monastery village begins at the St. Jacob’s Path on the Etzel pass. Here St. Meinrad lived as a hermit before he moved into his hermitage in the dark forest, where, in the year 861 he was slain by two robbers. His pets were two ravens, which are still found on the Einsiedeln crest, and the story of his life is related on the frescos in the Meinrad chapel. Later the first Benedictine monks came and founded in 934 the first monastery on the spot where Meinrad’s chapel stood. Since the Middle Ages, Einsiedeln has been one of the most important Marian pilgrimage destinations north of the Alps.

In the meantime, the monastery has become a beautiful baroque building, dating from the first part of the18th century, Who was Meinrad? Why is the Madonna in the monastery church black? Why is the square in front of the monastery so large? The answers to these questions will be given during a guided tour of the monastery, which will give you insight into the Baroque era, the history of Einsiedeln Abbey and the famous library. Visit also in the Diorama Bethlehem the largest crib of the world, and, in the panorama room the 360° circular painting of the Crucifixion. Then there’s the gingerbread museum that is worth seeing, with a historic and old fashioned shop that dates back to the 19th century.
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